My Pilsen Fare

Ticket app


Who is it for?

This ticket app is right for you if:

  • You travel only occasionally or irregularly
  • You use single transfer tickets


Getting the app

  • To use the app, you need to install the My Pilsen Fare and Masterpass by Mastercard apps on your phone
  • Download both of the free apps from App Store or Google Play
  • In the Masterpass by Mastercard app you will need to assign a bank card to the Masterpass account


Buying tickets from the app

  • After launching the My Pilsen Fare app, select the shopping basket
  • Select your ticket (based on the zones and duration you need)
  • Confirm payment via the Masterpass by Mastercard app
  • Payment is made via Masterpass by Mastercard and you are redirected back to the My Pilsen Fare app (which will show you the tickets you purchased)
  • The ticket is delivered immediately, but to protect against misuse during a ticket check it does not become valid until two minutes after the purchase (you can see the “countdown until ticket becomes valid” in the app)
  • After each completed purchase, the user receives an email in which they can check the details of the purchase